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Association of Airworthiness Professionals
Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness



Serve Humankind and the Science of Flight through advancement and promotion of Airworthiness in Industry, Government and Individuals


  1. Leading the Future of Airworthiness by Establishing AAP as the Defining and Driving Source for Airworthiness Standards and Initiatives
  2. Developing and Promoting Standardization through joint industry, individual and government working committees
  3. Promoting Consistency of application and effort in all Airworthiness initiatives
  4. Educating, Mentoring and Credentialing Airworthiness Professionals
  5. Educating and Mentoring Future Airworthiness Professionals through partnership with Colleges and Universities by developing curriculum and courses of study
  6. Promoting and Facilitating Dialogue among all Constituents
  7. Serving as an Independent Clearinghouse for all Airworthiness Initiatives by bridging industry, government, and individuals to achieve common benefit
  8. Assuring and Promoting Integrity in Airworthiness
  9. Promoting the safety of flight throughout the world


AAP was conceived in 2010 by founder and director Don Roberts upon the recognition that there was no association or organization of professionals who shared the love of aviation and the skills encompassed within the realm of aircraft certification. After years of planning and laying the groundwork for AAP, Don joined with Mike Fox and Denna Mason to officially incorporate AAP as a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas on 30 November 2015. AAP received its tax-exempt status in February of 2016. AAP was officially introduced at the 2016 Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference in March 2016. AAP held its first member meeting on 12 April 2016.



Don Roberts

As a retired Lockheed Martin Fellow for Airworthiness and Airworthiness Certification, Don brings over 35 years of expertise in Design, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Airworthiness Engineering. He gained this experience through working numerous civil and military programs at both Boeing and LockheedMartin. He served on the Baylor University School of Engineering and Computer Science Board of Advocates. Don currently serves as an Associate at Dayton Aerospace, Inc.


Denna Mason

As an Airworthiness Certification Specialist for Lockheed Martin, Mrs. Mason was responsible for the development and implementation of airworthiness improvement activities to ensure the necessary professionals, processes, procedures, tools and independent oversight were integrated across all Lockheed Martin Programs. She served as Airworthiness Lead for the F-22, C-5, and P-3 Programs. After receiving her bachelors and master’s degrees at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Mrs. Mason began her career in 2001 at Lockheed Martin as a Procurement Quality Engineer. Mrs. Mason is an alumnus of the Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) where she held various leadership roles. She now serves as a program manager for Lockheed Martin.


Mike Fox

A Lockheed Martin Fellow for Airworthiness and Airworthiness Certification, Mike has over thirty-five years in the aircraft design, test, and certification field. Mr. Fox has focused on military aircraft while at General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin and advanced aircraft concepts while at NASA Langley Research Center. He has been an integral team member in numerous aircraft programs from the design through test flight phases. He led the origination of the F-35 Airworthiness Certification approach and process through the joint industry, government, and customer forum, which has resulted in providing U.S. and international customers with an airworthy aircraft for fleet operations.

Charter Members

The Association of Airworthiness Professionals, Inc. is very thankful for our Charter Members who believed in our Mission, Vision and Purpose when they were little more than statements on paper. Our charter members have joined the founders in making the future of AAP a reality. Thank you.

Charter Members List

Honorary Membery - Jill Jennewine

  • Terrel Allen
  • Ken Anderson
  • John Bailey
  • Jeff Baldino
  • Mike Buran
  • David Burshro
  • David Chan
  • Matthew Crabtree
  • Dave Cripps
  • Sunil Dixit
  • Robert Fitzharris
  • Mike Fox
  • Lisa Glover
  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • Don Gwynne
  • Ray Harbor
  • Marlon Johnston
  • Laurette Lahey
  • Tom Lewis
  • William Mahoney
  • Denna Mason
  • Dawn McGarvey-Buchwalder
  • Don Parry
  • Karin Poehelman
  • Robert Reifenberger
  • Susan Reviello
  • Jeremy Royster
  • Steven Shaver
  • Randy Shields
  • Wendy Stickney-Crabtree
  • Robert Stockard
  • Brian Strizak
  • Coleen Thornton
  • Mike Troup
  • Bob Vankeppel
  • Glenn Winkler
  • Tom Wood
  • Justin Young


  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of AAP and may exercise all the powers and authority granted to AAP by law. The Board oversees the operations of AAP to ensure the mission, vision and purposes are carried out. Board meeting minutes and actions by the board are available to all members of AAP upon request.

  • Officers

    AAP is managed by a slate of officers elected in December of each year from the membership of AAP. The AAP Governance page lists current officers.

  • Governance

    The AAP Bylaws were adopted by the AAP Board on 28 December 2015 and amended on 14 February 2016. Feel free to view and familiarize yourself with our Bylaws. View AAP Bylaws

    The AAP Code of Ethics has now been adopted by the Board of Directors. View AAP Code of Ethics

  • Financial

    AAP leadership provides annual reports to the general membership at the conclusion of each year. Monthly financial details are available to all members. Yearly tax filings to the IRS are public informaHon and can be viewed by anyone on the IRS website.


Other Aviation Sources

  • Competency & Credentialing - Follow this link to request permissions to view and edit the Competency and Credentialing White Paper.  You will receive a response within 48-72 hours.

Visit our career page for information on how to get involved in aviation.


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