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Association of Airworthiness Professionals
Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness

Elected Officers


Trevor Burke



Don Roberts


As a retired Lockheed Martin Fellow for Airworthiness and Airworthiness Certification, Don brings over 35 years of expertise in Design, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Airworthiness Engineering. He gained this experience through working numerous civil and military programs at both Boeing and LockheedMartin. He served on the Baylor University School of Engineering and Computer Science Board of Advocates. Don currently serves as an Associate at Dayton Aerospace, Inc.


Mike Troup


With over twenty-one years of experience in Naval Aviation, Systems Engineering, and Airworthiness Certification, he currently works as the airworthiness lead for two military programs at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth. Mr. Troup is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Troy State University with a Master of Science in Management. Mike participates in the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Rising Technical Talent (RTT) program for airworthiness whose purpose is developing and preparing members for qualification and selection as a Lockheed Martin Fellow.


Mike Fox

AAP Treasurer - Lockheed Martin Fellow for Airworthiness

A Lockheed Martin Fellow for Airworthiness and Airworthiness Certification, Mike has over thirty-five years in the aircraft design, test, and certification field. Mr. Fox has focused on military aircraft while at General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin and advanced aircraft concepts while at NASA Langley Research Center. He has been an integral team member in numerous aircraft programs from the design through test flight phases. He led the origination of the F-35 Airworthiness Certification approach and process through the joint industry, government, and customer forum, which has resulted in providing U.S. and international customers with an airworthy aircraft for fleet operations.