AAP desires to provide standards to its members at no charge. Join us as we begin to populate this page with the documents you need to be successful in your airworthiness profession.

Technical Papers
Do you author technical papers? Do you know of published papers that would be of use to those of us in the airworthiness profession? Join AAP and help us build our library.

AAP envisions a future membership who publishes monthly journals with meaningful and informative content. Join us as we work to our future.

AAP desires to include all directives from any certifying authority in this repository. Join and help us populate the Directives repository.

This repository shall contain all policy from certification authorities for exclusive use of AAP members.

Look to AAP for all your member needs when using government regulations that are relevant to the airworthiness profession.

Let AAP Publish your Paper
AAP desires to serve as the primary source for member authored papers. Allow AAP to review, provide comment, and publish your airworthiness related papers.  The Board of Directors has authorized the formation of a Technical Review Committee for the purpose of reviewing all papers and publications generated through AAP.  We seek members to be on our review board. The AAP Board of Directors has set a goal to publish 6 papers in 2016.