Serve Humankind and the Science of Flight through advancement and promotion of Airworthiness in Industry, Government and Individuals

Foster Innovation and Excellence in Airworthiness 

The AAP purpose includes:

  1. Leading the Future of Airworthiness by Establishing AAP as the Defining and Driving Source for Airworthiness Standards and Initiatives
  2. Developing and Promoting Standardization through joint industry, individual and government working committees
  3. Promoting Consistency of application and effort in all Airworthiness initiatives
  4. Educating, Mentoring and Certifying Airworthiness Professionals
  5. Educating and Mentoring Future Airworthiness Professionals through partnership with Colleges and Universities by developing curriculum and courses of study
  6. Promoting and Facilitating Dialogue among all Constituents
  7. Serving as an Independent Clearinghouse for all Airworthiness Initiatives by bridging industry, government, and individuals to achieve common benefit
  8. Assuring and Promoting Integrity in Airworthiness
  9. Promoting the safety of flight throughout the world

Certification is a key element toward accomplishing the vision, mission and purposes of AAP.  As an independent association made up of professionals from industry, academia and certifying authorities, AAP has chosen Certification as its top priority.  The AAP Certification Committee has been formed to facilitate the creation of Standards of Certification, and oversee the administration of certified airworthiness professionals, certified airworthiness companies, and the processes by which individuals and companies receive certification.   Read more on our Certification Tab.