Press Room

AAP Treasurer Appointed
Mike Troup, AAP Charter member, was recently appointed by the Board of Directors as AAP treasurer for 2016 and 2017.  Mike will be handling all financial transactions for our organization.  He will also present the financial statements at each monthly meeting.  Please welcome Mike to the AAP slate of officers.

AAP AirWaves
AAP debuted the first of many AirWaves in April 2016.
 Airwaves is distributed monthly to members and other persons and companies who support and work in the Airworthiness realm.  We'll continue to include each edition here in our Press Room.
Dawn McGarvey-Buchwalder has agreed to serve as the publisher for our monthly AirWaves news. Thanks Dawn, for serving AAP. Please send your information directly to Dawn for inclusion in the news. 
Official Rollout of AAP
The Association of Airworthiness Professionals, Inc. was officially announced at the Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference on 21 March 2016.  AAP founders presented the organization and our future to the conference participants and invited them to participate in the Vision, Mission and Purpose of AAP.  The reception by the attendees was exceptional and the AAP is off to a great start.


1. What is AAP and why was it founded?

2. When and where was AAP founded?

3. Who runs AAP and how is it governed?

4. Who is eligible to be a member of AAP?

5. How much does it cost to become a member of AAP?

6. Does AAP welcome international members?

7. What do I get for my member dues?

8. How do I become a member?

9. How do I get involved in committees and activities of AAP once I’m a member?