Current Events
AAP is currently seeking members to serve on all committees:

  • Membership
  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • University Engagement
  • Member Meetings
  • Technical Publications
  • Elections Process. 
Join AAP and work with us as we work together to address these important topics.

Future Events

Webinars – They are not here yet, but AAP envisions a time when we frequently host webinar topics with impact your airworthiness profession.

Meetings – Next AAP meeting will be announced on the website and also to our members via email.

Conferences – AAP will again attend the Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment Conference in 2018.  The conference will begin on 23 April 2018 in Jacksonville, F. Come join the AAP membership at the conference! Registration will begin in early 2018.  Additional information can be found at:

Teleconferences – AAP desires to host teleconferences in the future with relevant topics to our members. Join AAP and assist us as we lay the groundwork for future teleconferences discussing topics meaningful to our members.

Seminars – As AAP grows, we hope to provide seminars to our members with information and presentations on the latest topics relevant to the airworthiness profession. AAP foresees seminars held in locals throughout the country to assist membership in achieving certification.


University Engagement – Do you know professors or college/university faculty interested in aeronautics and the airworthiness profession? Collaboration with colleges and universities will pay an essential role in achieving the purposes of AAP. Join AAP and help us establish the groundwork of AAP-University engagement for the future.  AAP has a goal to engage the professors and students at 3 universities in 2018.  Our University Relations committee is the place for you to serve!