Current Initiatives

In a recent meeting, the Board of Directors set six goals for AAP in 2018.

Goal #1

Actively Engage AAP Membership

Maintain regular meetings and alternate format between Hot Topics and Speakers.

Goal #2

Grow AAP Membership

The membership goals for 2018 are:

  • Professional Members 75
  • Corporate Members 3

Goal #3

Expand University Collaboration

Engage with at least 3 universities in 2018 to introduce AAP to professors and students. Actively contribute to the Introduction to Aircraft Certification Course at Kansas State University Polytechnic.

Goal #4

Grow Member Communication

Enhance member communication through AirWaves and additional use of AAP resources.

Goal #5

Update AAP Elections Process

Encourage members to actively run and take part in elections.

Goal #6

Establish Technical Library

Publish a Technical Library of Airworthiness Resources on the AAP Website.