About Us

The Mission, Vision and Purposes of the Association of Airworthiness Professionals, Inc. are based upon 5 Principles of Leadership

  1. Establish and protect a good name.
  2. Cast a vision of the future.
  3. Perform with Excellence.
  4. Act with integrity.
  5. Seek Wisdom and Sound Counsel.

Visit the Principles page to see how AAP implements these principles in the Mission, Vision and Purposes

As in any successful organization, Leadership plays a key role in the success. AAP is no different. Visit the Leadership page to learn about our leadership

AAP Governing documents serve as a pathway by which the organization accomplishes its purposes. Visit the Governance page to view our Bylaws and to see the charters of our committees.

AAP serves a broad spectrum of constituents. Any individual working in industry or the government, working in education or as a student or any company involved in aeronautics and airworthiness is welcome to join AAP. Visit our Constituents page to see how AAP serves such a broad membership.

Conceived in 2010, by our founding director, Don Roberts, the dream of founding the Association of Airworthiness Professionals, Inc. came to fruition on 30 November 2015. Visit our Heritage page to gain information on AAP founders, AAP History and discover the charter members who shared the vision of AAP along with the founders.

AAP Operation
AAP, as a non-profit corporation is a member run organization. Overseen by a Board of Directors, day to day operation is performed by an elected slate of officers. Visit our AAP Operation page to learn more.

Press Room
The AAP press room contains pictures from our latest AAP member activities. In addition, we share our accomplishments through press releases and announcements. Visit our Press Room to see the latest!